We import 98.8% of all the milk in the country

Did you know that the Philippines import 98.8% of all the milk in the country? 98.8%! Yup that’s almost all the milk products that you see in the groceries and supermarkets. Philippines only produces around 1% of what we consume and that’s not enough. We have milk-producing farm animals in the country, but all the milk products that you see in the groceries and supermarkets are not from here. Isn’t that disconcerting?

Carabao milk is amazing

Moreover, carabao milk is definitely underrated! It has better nutritional benefits over cow’s milk. It is lower in cholesterol, higher in calcium and in energy according to The Philippine Carabao Center. Carabao’s milk is also richer and creamier compared to cow’s and goat’s milk due to its high percentage of milk fat. It’s such a good ingredient that government initiatives even use it to fight malnutrition. It has been called “the most complete food” by many nutrition experts, and our fellow Filipinos don’t know it!

carabao milk is amazing

Carabao milk is produced locally and enhances the livelihood of our farmers

Finally, carabao milk is also produced locally in the Philippines. As a social enterprise, our main focus is to enhance the livelihood of our fellow Filipino farmers. Our first carabao milk farmer was Tito Ed, an amazing carabao farmer in Bulacan. Carabao farming has been his way of life and he says it is not easy. Just recently he had to sell three of his five carabaos, because the extreme heat dried up the grass that his carabaos feed. Yet, he couldn’t afford to buy commercial feeds for all his carabaos. But his way of life has improved since he has been working with Karabella. Indeed, on top of the high price we offer for his milk, he also saves on transportation cost when he delivers to Karabella since it is just near his house.

carabao milk farmer Tito Ed

Let’s switch to carabao milk!

We believe that we can produce healthier and local milk products than what we have in the market, by leveraging on carabao milk! It’s so yummy, makes the lives of our farmers easier and it’s healthier than cow milk! That’s why we’ve been focusing on carabao milk since the beginning: we believe this amazing product can be a blessing to the Philippines.

You can order our delicious carabao milk ice cream and other dairy products by contacting us!